The Barbados Divers Association is a non-profit group that welcomes anyone with a love of diving, a respect for the island, its marine life and its party spirit (the “limes”). Our aim is to encourage safe, affordable and fun diving. Dives are planned every week throughout the year, using different dive operators and a variety of sites with our members taking turns to host the dive and the after-dive lime.

The association was formed in the spring of 1990 by members of the American Embassy and called Barbados American Divers Association (hence BADAss’n). Over the years, the club has grown and the membership has become ever more diverse. In 2008 the name was changed to the Barbados Divers Association, but we’re still known as BADASS! 

Safety in numbers is not just an old cliché! The club has a Dive Officer and dives are reviewed for diver and dive operator safety during the monthly meeting. We encourage members to improve their skills by sharing their experience and by taking training courses. Club members dive at affordable, negotiated prices that mean you get excellent value for money and can dive more often if you wish. We also get discount rates on dive equipment purchased locally and can get discounts on many dive related courses, especially when our members group together for a course!

The club has a monthly meeting that is both a social event and a means of discussing club matters. We arrange future dives, social activities and share news. Social events are important and we arrange visits to historic sites, special events, day cruises and parties. Occasionally we arrange dive trips to other Caribbean islands.

The Club is run by a committee of volunteers, elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) that is held in October each year. We have ties with many local experts in marine conservation get involved in helping to build awareness of environmental issues and take a hands-on approach when it's needed. 

Joining BADASSn is easy and inexpensive. Find out more in the 'Join Us' page,