Environmental Activities

Plastic policy 

The worldwide use of plastics has lead to an alarming rise in plastic waste within the marine environment. We all need to make changes to reverse this trend and we have taken a look in the mirror and determined that we have to have guidelines to make us more environmentally responsible.At our apres-dive limes, we discourage single use plastic - for example each member is provided one cup. We encourage you all to please bring this or any non-single use cup to the limes. Dive hosts are strongly encouraged to forgo single use plastic items.  When possible, use paper plates.  Try to have food not requiring forks and knives. Try and bring your own silverware for spreads, cheese, etc. We also encourage any other ideas on how we can reduce our plastic waste.  Thank you and happy and safe diving!


Turtle Hotline

If you find a turtle or its nest in danger, please alert the Turtle Hotline (+1 246) 230-0142. It is dedicated to the protection of these endangered species.