Lionfish Activities  



Throughout the Caribbean, lionfish are taking over many reef habitats and we take the view that if you can't beat 'em, we might as well eat 'em
On our weekly dives several members choose to hunt using pole spears. Lionfish make a tasty meal so they are in demand, not only by hungry members, but also local restaurants who will pay for the cleaned lionfish.
To find out more about lionfish there's lots of excellent resources, such as and the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute

Barbados Lionfish Week 2015
Barbados Lionfish Week 2015 (Nov 30 - Dec 6) was hailed a success promoting a weeks worth of local Restaurants ready to make "Lionfish" the focus of their menu's.
Sponsors included:

Daphnes, Marco Polo Bar & Grill, Champers, The Little Bristol Beach Bar, Scott Ames @ Scotts Catering, Camelot Restaurant and Copacabana

Barbados International Lionfish Derby 2015
Barbados International Lionfish Derby 2015 teamed up with the Barbados Divers Association, Slow Food Barbados, Cressi, Sion Hill Plantation & REEF to promote the 2 x day derby across the Caribbean.  Event held over December 5 & 6, 2015.

Participants flew in from Philidelphia, Fort Lauderdale, St Vincent/Grenadines to participate alongside locals that also call USA, Canada, England & Australia home.

Scoring Stations were positioned @ Copacabana (Carlisle Bay) & Little Bristol Beach Bar (Speightstown).

2015 Total Catch: 807.    (2014 = 222 Lionfish)

Thanks going out to Reefers & Wreckers, Hightide Watersports, Barbados Blue, Little Bristol Beach Bar & Copacabana for their support. 








Lionfish Event Donation to Barbados Sea Turtle Project