East Coast
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We have never dived here, but apparently there is a spectacular dive outside the reef. Only on a calm day, you enter through the chanel by Atlantis Hotel, and have to go through the breakers in full gear. When you go down outside the breakers, you are in a Cathedral like setting & can look up at the fish!

Cobbler’s Reef

Cobbler’s Reef is about 1/2 mile from shore, & runs parallel to the coast; from South Point Lighthouse to East Point Lighthouse. It is a flat reef because the waves are always breaking over it. The reef has been dead for many years, but you can find lobsters i the holes, or see Chubbs & other reef fish. If you are out there with a string of fish, you probably will see a shark!

Simon Bolivar

A 300ft Troop ship which hit the reef when taking Brazillian troops back to Brazil after the first World War.  It is on the North East part of Cobblers Reef between Sam Lord’s Castle & Consett Bay.  The bow is in about 20ft of water & the stern in 65ft.  You can see the wheelhouse & engine room etc.  Waves usually break here, but on a calm day you can anchor inside the reef & swim to the wreck.  You may find lobsters or even a Port Hole or other interesting things!

The Study

Close to shore, just North of Consett Bay. The reef runs parallel to the shore. There are clusters of coral heads to swim around, & canyons that you can swim through. Sometimes we see Rays, Black Jacks, Mackerel, Bermuda Chubb, Barracuda. Average depth of this dive is 60feet, but it does go to about 75ft.