Carlisle Bay
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Carlisle Bay, Marine Park

The marine park of Carlisle Bay features six wrecks in close proximity that are visited on the same dive. The bay is usually calm, protected from the main wind and current. An excellent dive for all level and a must for photographers or night dives.

It can be approached by boat or from shore, and you can actually snorkel there.  The marine life here is lush and concentrated on these wrecks. Among others, you can usually spot frog fish, sea horses, barracudas, moray eels… Old anchors and cannons litter the bottom.

Berwyn: ~ 20ft 

A 70 ft long World War I French Tug Boat sunk in 1919 by her own crew. The Berwyn sits between 7 and 10 feet below the surface depending on the tide. 

As a result of the calm water in the bay and the age of this wreck the Berwyn is covered in marine life including healthy hard and soft coral growth and their associated reef creatures.

Ce-Trek ~ 45ft ~ cement boat

The Ce-Trek, a derelict boat was sunk in January 1986. This shipwreck sits in deeper water on the northern edge of the park and is home to nice coral, soft coral and sponge growth.‚Äč

Eillon ~ 55ft ~ drug boat of 110ft

Eillon was tied up for about 6 years in the Bridgetown careenage before she was sunk on 8th June 1996 in Carlisle Bay Marine Park. 

The wreck is easily accessible for penetration and has an air pocket in the bow big enough to a conversation at 25′ under.

Bajan Queen ~ 35ft ~ tugboat

She was Barbados’ first tugboat named the “Pelican” during the Bridgetown Harbor construction, in the 1960’s. A decade later, as more modern tugboats were purchased, the Pelican was converted to a party boat named “Bajan Queen”. The Bajan Queen holds many memories for thousands of Barbadians and visitors alike. 

After years of operation as the party spot ,the Bajan Queen was donated to the Coastal Zone Management Unit. She has been cleaned up and sunk on 19th May 2002 in Carlisle Bay Marine Park., where she sits only a few feet below the surface and is accumulating some excellent fish life and good coral diversity.

Cornwallis ~15ft ~ freighter

A Canadian freighter sunk by a torpedo from a German U-Boat during World War II. 

This wreck was relocated from a very high boat traffic region of the bay to this Marine Reserve on 22nd October 2003.

Barge ~ 12ft

A Naval Landing Barge found in Carlisle Bay. This wreck is now home to numerous reef fish including the puffer’s bigger cousin the porcupine fish.