This reef can be found off the South Coast and broadly runs in a East/West direction. There was a line on the reef at the time of my last visit. The reef structure is basically a long reef with steep drop offs on either side.The top of the reef is flat and runs between 60 and 75 feet across which lends it to a U shaped dive route returning to the line and the boat (current permitting).The top of the reef is about 60 to 80 ft deep and there is lots to explore. 

On my last dive on this reef I came across the largest turtle I have seen for some time. It was not bothered by our presence and just sat on the bottom chilling out.The reef has a good covering of gorgonias of various sizes along with the usual soft corals and sponges. 

It’s always worth glancing out into the blue and there were some gatherings of large fish which were just too far out for us to get a good identification but I had not seen anything similar in Barbados before. The fish life on the reef was not as great as some other reefs but the size and shape to the reef makes it an easy reef to explore.

Friars Craig & Asta Reef

The Friars Craig was a 170 ft freighter that was the sister ship to the Palmir.  She was sunk as a dive site however a strong storm split her in three and so she is no longer intact.   She lies in about 50 ft of water and is often the start or the end of a dive. 

You can dive several different reefs as she lies between the Rumbar reef, Asta and Lobster reef.  She has lots of beautiful gorgonias on her stern end.  Sea horses can be found in the reef off her port side and even a mantis shrimp has been spotted near by. A large turtle likes to sleep under a part of the deck on the sand. Lots of photography opportunities. 

The Finger

Very enjoyable dive, likely a drift dive – depending of conditions – where you can spot turtles, puffer fish, butterfly angle fish among others. Top of the reef ~30ft. bottom ~100ft. Site located opposite the Welcome Inn Hotel.

Graeme Hall Shallows

Despite the name, this site is quite deep and not suitable for beginners. Top of the reef ~65ft. max depth ~110ft. Reef parallel to shore, orientation N/S Very nice corals and a lot of life. A frog fish has been spotted by some members

Carlisle Bay, Boatyard area

Off the Boatyard, a well known party place near Bridgetown, is a very surprising area where you’ll find star fish, sea horse, moray eel, octopus, flying gurnard, turtles and plentiful of juvenile fish. Ideal site for beginners and photographers. Shore dive, about 100yd strait off the Boatyard peer Depth range from 10ft to 50ft A small wreck – the Bull dog – lies at ~45ft. Diving with a Diver Below buoy is recommended as there can be lots of motor boat activity and jet ski’s around.